Racing Report – Season 2020-02 week 8

It’s been a while since our last post and during this period there we had some changes in the drivers line-up and we had to redesign a couple of internal processes. But here we are and our goal is to have more frequent and direct contact to our audience through our website and our social media, including live coverage of our races.

In the course of week 8 of this season our focal point was the iLMS Endurance Series 6 hour race in Spa-Francorchamps. We tried our strength in HPD and GTE classes in all three timeslots. In the first slot of Saturday, Andy Perrs along with Pavlos Vezirtzoglou managed to finish sixth in the top split in HPD Class.

The main event that attracts the best drivers in the series was the one on Saturday evening. Along with the first HPD team, we also deployed a very strong group of drivers in our Ford GT with Vasillis Kazantzas, Dimi Houdeloudis and Kostas Bouzianis. Both cars were place in the same split (second) and finished p13 in their class during a rather poor qualification period.

From the very first stint the Honda Prototype had a steady race and managed to gain some positions with only minor incidents, battling for sixth position until the final pitstop. During the last visit for refueling, there was a technical error from a support application that changed the amount of fuel to fill in the tank. We had to change our rhythm in order to save fuel in order to complete the race without an additional pitstop. Unfortunately for a small amount of fuel we were forced to come again through the pit lane and we lost some places to finally finish 10th.

On the other hand our Ford GTE had a blast in the first stint and jumped to sixth position before the first visit to the pit stop. We were in 4th position when an accident with an LMP1 car and later a 15 second penalty dropped us to P9. The final comeback was strong and a flawless drive in the last stints gave the audience a thrilling spectacle in last 10 minutes where we had consecutive battles up to p5 with a faint gap from the ferrari in p4.

On Sunday, we had our academy members John Houdeloudis and Peter Themelis behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTE. John was very strong in qualifying (p3) but the race was short when an accident in the middle of the first stint caused huge damage to the car. Despite the hard effort of the pit crew the car count not rejoin the race. This is motorsport with good and bad moments and it was a valuable experience to the lads that are in the beginning of their racing career.

Watch 6H Spa Hellenic Racing Team – Ford GT GTE from KostasBouzianis on

here is a clip of the last moments of our Ford battle for p5