Bill Kazantzas
DOB 27/11/1986
iRacer Since 2012
Fav track All but Suzuka
Fav car Mclaren MP12C GT3
Rig configuration T500RS | HE Pro Pedals | Single Monitor | DIY PVC Seat

"What does sim racing stands for?"
I wish I had a photo every time I explain someone outside this 'sport', that even despite my first thirties I still play games with cars on my computer.
I can't even remember how many virtual gasoline liters I have consumed. And even more kilometers.
I try not to remember damages. Or well, maybe do this. It makes you better.
Fortunately, in this world full throttle comes first and logic last.
Hellenic Racing team. A team. But most of all great friends!
Best is yet to come...