Round Two of the iRacing Sports Car Open was held at the historic italian temple of speed and home of the Tifosi, namely the Autodromo Nationale di Monza. A strong qualifying effort secured Nestoras a spot on the third row of the GTC grid...

Team Blue makes it two out of two!

After an exciting first round at Nürburgring, Hellenic Racing will put all their effort to keep the momentum for the second round of the season for the Sports Car Open championship. Having managed to climb to the second step of the podium at the season premiere, Hellenic Racing BLUE is ready for another battle on track between some of the most competitive teams in iRacing. The venue for this round […]

SCO Round 2 – 4 hours of Monza

We are proud to announce that our team will be competing with some of the strongest teams in iracing in the newly created championship Sports Car Open.

Team lineup for SCO and new livery

Tuesday morning… The race ended approximately 40 hours ago… The heart beat hardly has returned to normal [...] But let’s set things right; trying to describe the whole race from the scratch...

iRacing 24 hours of Spa – Debriefing

Monday evening… the race is past…. One more chapter added in team’s rich history so far. The result, bad. Placed 15th on the scoreboard among the cars of our category this report could have ended here, but every race is a special piece in our racing puzzle. Good or bad it is hard for someone to say. In the end of the day everything that really matters is gained experience, fun and of course any kind of success that someone can get [...]

NES | Round 1 – 6 hours of Sebring

1st of August 1976. Formula 1’s “circus”, as the schedule required, was already in Germany, on the track of Nürburgring. It’s length at that time was 22835 meters. Its nick-name… “Green Hell” and not in vain. A route engraved during the distant era of 1925 on Eifel mountains with her Planning and implementation lasting for 2 years. Extremely difficult, dangerous, provocatively beautiful, uniquely demanding… A legend route [...]

Nürburgring Nordschleife

A worldwide trend that became a tradition in transforming formal airports into racetrack facilities. In our country, the very first race that ever held, found “shelter” in Tatoi… an old runway that was kindly granted by the Greek military air force. There… in the unique era of `60s… in the decade of “revolutions” … Many pages of history were written with golden quills… many races took place and during those races all the great names of the Greek race crew of that time and the time after, paraded, leaving burning marks on track [...]

Sebring Interantional Raceway

Today, I travelled 10 years to the past. As a member of another greek sim racing team back then and on another sim racing software. Greek Virtual Racing is the name of the team I'm referring to and the software of that period was Live for Speed[…]

Flashback to team’s endurance race history

Here we are! Already in the fourth season for 2016 and with four weeks already passed. During this time, the team drivers have mainly enter preparation mode, since they have applied to participate in significant championships that will take place the following days [...]

Team Report (October 2016)