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We are delighted to announce the Hellenic Racing Academy project. A team plan that we are developing for the last one and a half year. A idea that started with small steps and grew bigger over time.


24 Hours of Daytona – January 2022

Our team has a long tradition of competing in endurance races and special events for at least 25 years, so the first 24 hour race of the year could not be missed.
After a fortnight of hard practice in the track with many scenarios we decided to run two separate cars forming two teams.


Return to Hosted Leagues

This past week signaled our return to team Hosted Leagues after a long time. We decided to join Next Level Endurance Series, a 5 races multiclass league with 6 to 12 hour endurance races. First even was held in Hochenheim and we choose to race in LPM2 class with Dallara P217. The other classes are GTE and GT3.


Creventic Endurance Series – Race 1

The previous week it was the start of the Creventic Endurance Series, an official iRacing series with four 12 hour races.

It is a multiclass league with GT3, GT4 and LMS cars. Our choice was the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the first challenge was in the iconic track of Spa-Francorchamps