Pavlos Vezirtzoglou
DOB 9/8/1976
iRacer Since 2015
Fav track Glen Watkins International
Fav car Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Rig configuration Lenze OSW | SimSteering GT1 Wheel | Vesaro Rig | Cobra Seat | HPP Pedals

The first car game that I have ever played was in a Spectrum 48K that you were supposed to be a truck driver (that was a dotted line in the screen) and you had to maneuver between some obstacles and collect cargos. Every time you deliver the cargo the truck was becoming longer and more difficult to maneuver, That was at the age of 8.....
From there to Grand Prix of Geoff Crammond for Amiga and then for PC. Those days found me and another 3 friends in a room with 2 PCs playing Grand Prix for the whole summer. The 4 friends were rotating between the 2 PCs and there was a VCR recording the race as well... Afterwards, we were analyzing the race till 8 in the morning before heading to work.
The next 15 years I spend time with Colin McRae, some Grand Turismo and a bit of Formula 1 from Codemasters but it was only like 2 years ago (2015) that George told me about iRacing. From that day and on I am trying to learn as much as I can, with the amazing support from Hellenic Racing.