Spiros Bogas
DOB 28/08/1986
iRacer Since 2021
Fav track Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
Fav car Ferrari GT3 Evo 2020
Rig configuration Thrustmaster T300 wheel | DC Sim Pedals | Single Monitor | DIY wooden Rig

First time I got my hands on a sim racing game was back in 1998 with F1 Racing Simulator. That game had so many parameters in setups so I had to learn from a young age how to prepare a car in aero, tyre compounds, pit strategy, fuel save gearbox ratios and many more. After that I played almost all F1 games that came out and I was drifting between F1 and Rally games for many years. Also I gave some brief tests on Forza and Grand Tourismo games but I never got hyped with them.
And that brings us to present where at the age of 35 I found out about endurance races, which for many years I didn’t understand, but now through iRacing I come to understand and realize why those type of races have so many fans around the world.