Creventic Endurance Series Season 2 – 12 Hours of Spa

A long time has passed since I got thrilled out during a race. I’m not talking about results but overall about the experience throughout the race.

Yes, the final result definitely matters a lot. Undoubtedly yes, the fact that our team appeared first at the end of the race, only spreads smiles.

But this is the result and if you have not experienced it yet from the inside, it is not always possible to know how someone got there.

The outset was just 15 days before the participation was decided. The racing obligations, however, did not allow a long preparation as it was preceded by the 12 hour in Sebring.

Somehow, it was just at the beginning of the final week that the preparation actually started. At least for the 2 of the 3 drivers, since Spiros (the newest addition to our academy) had the time to adjust.

Daily training and stints so that we are getting acquainted with the tricks of the 992 cup till finally the day of the race arrived. The program with everyone’s hours posted and he were ready to compete.

We did well in the qualify and ranked second on the starting grid. The start was not easy but with a clear mind, patience and persistence, prerequisites for the first two hours of any endurance race, we made it clear that we could cope up with it. Tough race and a lot of lapping of cars in the two slowest categories. Psychologically demanding race but our mind turned out to be clear and our hands steady whenever needed. The rotation between the drivers was on the clock and everyone was doing their best.

We did not panic when the first ones preceded, we did not get carried away in exaggerations at any point of the race, and yet, we did not bend when the third ones put a lot of pressure but seeing the finish line in the long run we were finally fairly rewarded with the highest step of the podium.

It was a great feeling to lean on your teammates with trust and whenever in need to let loose you had the confidence of support.

A long time has passed since I got thrilled out during a race. I’m not talking about results but overall about the experience.

Many thanks to those who were involved either as drivers or as a support throughout the race and many congratulations.

Andy Perrs, Spiros Bogas, Christos Panoulas were behind the wheel.
Invisible heroes were the rest of the team that had been there the whole time.