Race Report – Season 2 Week 10, 11 & 12

The next ‘arena’ for the Le Mans Series was the Indianapolis Circuit. In the Saturday main event both our teams started very well after a front-row lock-out in the qualifying. Hellenic Racing Blue created a considerable gap from very early on, having a frenzied pace, essentially in a race on their own. A little behind, Hellenic Racing Silver controlled the gap from the competition, mainly by Dimitrios Houdeloudis. The dream for Hellenic Racing Blue ended in the 141st lap when an LMP1 tried to lap them in reckless and questionable fashion, sending them into the wall ingloriously at the exit for the oval. On the other hand, Hellenic Racing Silver didn’t need any external intervention, as the surprisingly mediocre performance of Andy Perrs deprived the team of the win, consequently finishing 2nd.

Hellenic Racing Silver, with Andy Perrs – Konstantinos Bouzianis behind the wheel, represented the team in the Sunday race. The participation of Konstantinos constituted a guest appearance. This time around, both drivers delivered the expected and they ‘converted’ the race into a walk in the park, limiting the interest into the first 30 seconds of the race.

A last-minute change in the schedule had as a result the last race of the season to be conducted the following week at the Circuit Du Mans. Hellenic Racing Blue, having already won the GTE class championship, decided to participate with the HPD essentially utilizing the race as a preparation test for the upcoming 24h race. Hellenic Racing Blue, on the other hand, participated in the race hoping to claim some valuable points in order to climb the championship standings. In a track where the BMW lacks of performance, the effort of Andy Perrs – Konstantinos Bouzianis earned them a 6th place finish. In the Saturday night race, things went wrong from the very beginning with an early dnf caused by a reckless LMP1’s overtaking maneuver, which in his effort  to minimize the time-loss, cut through the grass touched our car and launched us into the safe barriers, ending our race.

The last week of the season was spent preparing for the 24h Du Mans race, unfortunately with none of our 2 cars managing to see the chequered flag.

As a final review of the season, Hellenic Racing Blue achieved a worthy winner of the championship, leaving no margin of a dispute during the whole season. Hellenic Racing Silver, finished 4th at close quarters with 2nd and 3rd, is the only team from the top-4 who insisted in her initial car choice, regardless if it was suitable or not for the given track.

Once more, in this 3-month journey, we had the support of our sponsors that we whole-heartedly gratify.

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