Race Report – Season 2 Week 7, 8 & 9

The presence of the team at the individual Le Mans and IMSA championships continued unabated. There were cases where we shined bright and other with more ‘dull’ results, however with robust promises for the future. The season end is near and we are going to make our final results’ evaluation.

At the Endurance Le Mans Series, which constitutes a team effort, we participate with at least 2 teams. Evaluating the 4th round, Hellenic Racing Blue achieved a 1st place finish and a 49th for Hellenic Racing Silver, which essentially means that Hellenic Racing Blue maintained the top spot at the championship standings, while Silver backed down to 5th. Although, with the differences being very tight from 3rd to 5th, as only 42 points separate those 3 teams and 71 more from the 2nd podium spot, everything actually is up for grabs. Indianapolis is our next venture in the upcoming weekend and it will certainly play a significant role, given that we are 1 week before the end of the season.

Indianapolis stands at an honorary place this weekend since the illustrious Indy 500 also takes place. Despite the fact there is little to none experience at oval racing by the team drivers, we aspire to participate doing the best of our efforts.

The preparation continues frantically. IMSA also runs at the beloved Daytona….

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