Return to Hosted Leagues

This past week signaled our return to team Hosted Leagues after a long time. We decided to join Next Level Endurance Series, a 5 races multiclass league with 6 to 12 hour endurance races. First even was held in Hochenheim and we choose to race in LPM2 class with Dallara P217. The other classes are GTE and GT3.

With a heave practice programme for a series of days the race day came fast on Saturday 10th of April. The drivers that were selected for this race was Ansy Perrs, Spyros Derekis και Nikos Efstathiou

The qualification process gave us the 8th position nearly in the middle of the grid of 10 cars. The challenge was rather big and the race very demanding in this track that is not suitable for multiclass races, where the passing even to lower class cars require patience with no room to complete. With places where you may have to wait up to 5 corners to find a opening.

We started with ease and after 2 and a half hours we found our car in P3 having pitstops only for fuel and using the same tyre set. A contact with a GTE and afterwards a rather optimistic action of another car of our class made us pit out of schedule.

For the rest 9,5 hours we drove a car with a crooked steering wheel , a known bug that the sim does not correct even after a pitstop. We tried to finish the race the best way we could, but after this point we did not manage to avoid mistakes and mishaps and we finished 13th in Class and 7th AM.

Next day, on Sunday Hellenic Academy raced in the 6hour race of Monza with Dallara P217. In this race Andy Perrs, Stathis Bodiotis και Christos Kalamidas were behind the wheel.

We started P6 but a sloppy pass from another car after our first pitstop send us to 8 minute of repairs and in last place. We finally finished 14th and all drivers did their best to recover from the damage giving their best.