Creventic Endurance Series – Race 1

The previous week it was the start of the Creventic Endurance Series, an official iRacing series with four 12 hour races.

It is a multiclass league with GT3, GT4 and LMS cars. Our choice was the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the first challenge was in the iconic track of Spa-Francorchamps.

Having a lot of series that we are currently active as a team we run a single entry with Andy Perrs, Lucas Tzivelekis, Nikos Efsthathiou and Stathis Bodiotis.

The qualification procedure gave us the sixth position on the race grid, a rather good place to start a long race with the advantage to avoid early stage havoc.

One of the main challenges of this race was staying within track limits, where in Spa is easy to accumulate a large number of incidents. The 50 incident limit gives an automated DT penalty that costs more than one minute in race time and we had to try not to overdo it.

Carefully we started and we managed to climb to the top 3 after the first two hours of the race. The pace was there and we could go well for the rest of the race. All drivers performed very well and with a mixture of tactics that sometimes required push and sometimes hold. The result was a well deserved victory and all team celebrated on the higher step of the podium.