2021 Year In Review

Another year is coming to an end concerning our racing commitments and though it’s early December yet the first semester of 2022 starts soon.

Attempting a review of last year…

To start with, it was with great proud to watch the project “Hellenic Racing Academy” to strengthen day by day with flying colors.

Throughout the whole year, we lived intense moments which attributed positive signs and generally speaking, nice impressions. We took part after a long time to a private championship, the “Next Level e-league”, and as a result of our efforts we proved, mainly to ourselves, that when we do our best we can confront anybody.

Finally, in a championship that ended prematurely – two races before it’s ordinary finale- we figured easily at the first place of our category and in the meantime we were within the first three places of the general ranking.

At the rest of the iracing championships, it must be mentioned that we had admittedly a lot of good performance races in which we stood out, as well as some others that did not have a satisfactory result. In any case,we proved ourselves struggling till the fall of the checkered flag.

Following, some key results of our team :

For the year to come, the goals remain the same.

First and foremost we ought to enjoy driving as a team into a sim that supports our madness.
Also, to become stronger as a team by promoting drivers from the academy to the official team and to welcome new ones which have the keenness to join giving them the opportunity to experience long races and help them unfold their talents and skills.

So, may we all enjoy the ride and hope that the best are coming. To be continued…