EES 4th Round – New Academy debut

Last round of European Endurance Series was held in Silverstone. We chose to compete in LMP2 category with Dallara P217 in Saturday’s night and Sunday’s slots.

In the first race we were placed in 4th split ot of 7. We had a very good quali lap in P2, only 1 hundredth of a second away from the pole. After 6 hours of fast and steady pace we managed to finish 3rd. The podium finish was satisfying since the first stint cost us in some places due to hard fights and heavy traffic from slower class cars. The fastest lap of the race was an extra achievement in this race.

On the second race of the weekend we could not match the result of the previous race. Staring from sixth position we started good and gained some spots. An unavoidable contact with a car that lost control in front of us sent the car in pit for repairs. A bug in the system did not fix the car and the crooked steering wheel could not be fixed. we tried to go again in pits but nothing changed. We even trying to enforce a bigger damage by hitting on purpose a hard wall. We saw no change and we run with the problematic steering wheel to the end in P13. A rather disappointing and dull experience.

The following week we started practice for the Special Event 12 Hours of Bathurst that will take place in a couple of weeks. Anyhow we decided to run the GT3 Endurance race on Sunday at Oulton Park with the new BMW M4 GT3 Prototype.

Behind the wheel two Academy members Nikos Efstathiou along with Stathis Bodiotis that made his debut in endurance racing with our colors.

The very demanding track that required 100% focus from every driver was not easy for the new drivers and some small mistakes cost them many places. Starting from p10 we finished p23. The result might not seem good but the benefits from the event will be visible very soon for both our Academy members.