BMW M4 GT3 @ Sebring – waiting for Bathurst

During the last few days the preparations for 12Hours of Bathurst were under way, but we managed to find some time to compete in our beloved track of Sebring.

On the race of the Saturday slot we raced with a team of Andy Perrs along with one of the newest Hellenic Academy members, Chris Kalamidas. In the second split the qual result was good and we started p9. Having good strategy, solid driving and avoiding any mistakes we ended up on the second podium position.

The next day we had the pleasure of running 3 cars/teams with the following team couples: Andy Perrs – Nick Efstathiou, Andreas Arvanitantonis – Stathis Bodiotis and Lucas Tzivelekis with Chris Kalamidas.

Hellenic Academy Red (Perrs and Efstathiou) started p16 in second split and but they saw they hopes shuttered only in 5th lap as they were victims of a reckless move from another car on the track. The collision with the tyre-wall send the car back to the pit for a long repair job. 30 minutes standing in the garage was the reason we continue the race from p56 and managed to finish in disappointing 43rd position.

Both other teams were in third split. Lucas and Chris started 6th and they had their share of bad luck during 5th lap. They got back to 29th position but they put their head down and with flawless race they ended back to the position they started, p6.

The third car started 16th and made their effort but with no good results. A lot of bad contacts with the other cars and small incidents sent them back to p26. In the middle of the race they had their momentum but that did not last to the end.