Not bad considering the circumstances

HRteam runs out of luck on Blackwood Rallycross. Starting from 3rd & 5th position on the 5th race of the season, B.Chalaris and V.Kazantzas, didn’t manage to reach the podium. V.Kazantzas had his moment a couple of turns after red lights gone off. He gets hit from DTM^Baris at turn 4 and loses some places & at turn 5 misses the racing line, hits a pole with the rear left of his car resulting to a broken suspension. B.Chalaris on the other hand was making a good and stable race from the 3rd position until lap 25 where Chalaris, Coulti & Baris were having a battle for the last position of the podium.
A little bump from Baris to Chalaris favours Coulti that takes the 3rd position and B.Chalaris falls to 4th where he stays until the last lap of the race. DTM^Baris & B.Chalaris again, in one of their usual battles, resulting to a disaster for Chalaris, who hits the sidewall at the exit of turn 1. Chalaris manages to finish on 7th position, after passing him GTS Ady & Cq Makao as well.
C.Panoulas, from the pole position fo Pool 2, was in a bit of a hurry as it turned out. He started before the lights turn green resulting to a black flag for him.
P.Georgiou, starting from 10th of Pool 3, didn’t make the exception in a weekend with no luck for HRteam. After having a bad accident on the entry of turn 4 in fourth lap, decided to keep driving without fixing it. He was doing really good actually until lap 25. The suspension didn’t make the bumpy surface of Blackwood and collapsed. As a result, at the begining of lap 26, as P.Georgiou brakes for turn 1, hits the curb, the broken suspension can’t handle the load & the car flips. P.Georgiou is with the roof on the ground and the race ends there for him.