OLFSL Round 5 Qualification Results

Original LFS League travels to England’s countryside for the fifth round of the calendar. Sixty-one drivers want to get dirty at the Sunday’s race.
Familiar position for our B.Chalaris, starting from the first row of the grid with 1:02.93 qual time & just two tenths seperating him from pole.
V.Kazantzas found himself on fifth position & will start from the second row of the grid, with 1:03.08 being his best lap for this session.

C.Panoulas brought his RB4 to England for qualification just 24 hours before the end of the session. He managed to do 1:03.67, one secong behind polesitter and will start from 17th position on Sunday’s race.
The last but not least HRteam’s driver who participates in this weekend’s event is P.Georgiou, the freshman of the team, stopped the timer at 1:04.93 & got the 43rd position of the final qualification results.

Qualification results can be found on OLFSL results page.