OLFSL Round 6 Qualification Results

Not long after Round 4, Original LFS League travels again to South City. This time the configuration will be the Chicane Route, which the normal direction of it goes the opposite way to the other South City tracks using the same start/finish line.
In those 2.9km of the track B.Chalaris once again was the fastest driver of the team & the third fastest of the sixty-seven participants with 1:01.96, just three tenths off the pole position.
V.Kazantzas tried his best and stoped the timer at 1:02.32, a time that brings him to the 10th place of the grid. C.Panoulas will start without a teammate in Pool2, with 1:02.75 being his best lap, which places him on 6th position of his Pool. P.Georgiou and N.Koudourakis took 10th (1:03.40) & 14th (1:03.55) place respectively in Pool3 and will give the best out of them for a good finish on the Sunday’s race.