Racing in the Forest – Report 2020S4

This season we focused in endurance racing in the iRacing Endurance LMS series, a hard multiclass fight with LMP1 LMP2 and GTE cars. The last two weekends the races held in tracks near forests in Germany and in Belgium.
Fist event in chronological order was the 6 hours of Nürburgring.

On the Saturday event we started 14th in 1st split with a fuel strategy that did not went as planned so during the race we had to change tactics and that limit our loses. Andy, Loukas and Spyros had a strong pace and managed to finish in 8th position in GTE Class.

The second Saturday race, again in first split. We had a much better qual in p7 but the race started with fights like it was a sprint race. In first laps we had changes in places until a contact that fortunatelly did not end in the wall. We only lost some places but the car was in good shape. This gave Andy, Spyros and Panagiotis the opportunity to ran fast and end p8.

Next Race on Sunday we had a good qual time and we started second in the second race split. We decided to have a different strategy since the one on Saturday did not paid off. Panagiotis and Andy had a similar good pace but an accident dropped us a couple of spots. The final result was P3 that left mixed emotions since we could finish even in p1.

The last weekend of the season was in a glorious track in Spa-Francorchamps. In a beautiful scenery in Stavelot near Eifel forest the iconic fast track always gives great battles and wheel to wheel action.
In the first race on saturday, due to a technical error in our driver’s computer we could not participate in qual. Eventually we started P16 in second split. The first four hours went smooth and the pace could lead to a p5 and higher finish. A wrong pass on the curb in Les Combes and a collision with the barriers send us back to 14th place.

On Sunday we had a good qualy lap and we started the race in the second row, P3. Many incidents even before the green flag and in first lap forced us to pit early. Fast pace for the all six hours and a P3 finish in first split.

This ended a good season with nice races for individual and team events.