OLFSL Round 4 Qualification Results

Qualification period is just over. HRteam will be represented at this event by six dirvers.

B.Chalaris managed to take the 2nd position with just +00.07 difference from the top and overall time 0:49.55. Two more of our drivers will start at Pool 1 of the Sunday race, V.Kazantzas from 6th, with overall time 0:49.77 and C.Panoulas from 7th with just +00.04 difference from his teammate and overall time 0:49.81.

The rest three drivers, N.Koudourakis with 0:50.08, P.Georgiou with 0:50.25 & K.Giagias with 0:50.30 took 23rd, 33rd & 36th position respectively and will race in Pool 2. More results can be found at OLFSL qualification results page.