OLFSL Round 10 Qualification Results

The sunny outlands of Jamaica will host the 10th round of the Original LFS league. The very fast, 3.1km long Fern Bay Green is the track for this round. This time 67 drivers placed their XR formulas’ on the grid. It was a realy interesting battle for a better place on the grid by everyone, as the gap between the polesitter and the 20th is less that a second.
Our B.Chalaris, driving just one lap on during the qualification procedure, stopped the timer at 1:00,62 a time that places him on the 4th position of the grid, just three tenths behind J.Lehikoinen who has the poleposition.

C.Panoulas just missed a spot in the first ten places, being 0.05 seconds slower than Xamar who sits at the 10th place of the grid. That was an interesting battle, with the two drivers changing positions between them a lot of times during qualify. Two places behing, N.Koudourakis managed a time just below the usual 1:01,00 and his 1:00,98 will get him on 13th position on Sunday’s race.
The last but not least HRteam’s driver K.Giagias, didn’t have the time to follow the team at the open practice sessions. The few kilometres in the practice reflect on his qualification time, with 1:05,93 to put him on the 62nd grid place.