GenR GT Masters Round 3

K. Nestoras,  A. Perrs, V Kazantzas, and N. Koudourakis were representing the HRTeam in this event. As they had qualified on 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th place accordingly you could get a nice glance at the team’s liveries in the mid section of the grid.


With a magnificent pace and little to no mistakes V. Kazantzas climbed several positions to a very good 8th place at the chequered flag.


Rolling starts can allways be a bit unfair, as K. Nestoras had to find out. Having started in 10th place, he found himself on P21 at the end of the first lap. However that didn’t stop him from gaining a supreme 11 Positions to a P10 finish.


N. Koudourakis drove a clean consistant race and managed to stay out of trouble, finishing on 13th position.


A. Perrs engaged into some serious racing battles with his rivals. Unfortunately on a track like this just the slightest touch of grass can have tremendous effects and at the end it was going to be P15 for him.


Full results can be found here