OLFSL Round 10 Qualification Results

The sunny outlands of Jamaica will host the 10th round of the Original LFS league. The very fast, 3.1km long Fern Bay Green is the track for this round. This time 67 drivers placed their XR formulas’ on the grid. It was a realy interesting battle for a better place on the grid by everyone, […]

OLFSL Round 9 Qualification Results

First racing weekend after the summer break & OLFSL travels again to England, at Aston Racetrack. The 3.1km of Aston Club configuration seemed chalenging for the 51 RAC drivers who qualified for the race. Hellenic Racing team is represented by two drivers this time. C.Panoulas stopped the timer at 1:09.94, being about 1,5 sec slower […]

OLFSL Round 6 Qualification Results

Not long after Round 4, Original LFS League travels again to South City. This time the configuration will be the Chicane Route, which the normal direction of it goes the opposite way to the other South City tracks using the same start/finish line. In those 2.9km of the track B.Chalaris once again was the fastest […]

Not bad considering the circumstances

HRteam runs out of luck on Blackwood Rallycross. Starting from 3rd & 5th position on the 5th race of the season, B.Chalaris and V.Kazantzas, didn’t manage to reach the podium. V.Kazantzas had his moment a couple of turns after red lights gone off. He gets hit from DTM^Baris at turn 4 and loses some places […]

Concentration & stability gave B.Chalaris P1 at South City

Very satisfying results for the Hellenic Racing Team in Round 4 of the OLFSL. Reigning champion B. Chalaris, returned to victories in Pool-1 after a very tight battle, having started in second position. With this result B.Chalaris is in forth place in driver’s championship. V. Kazantzas and C. Panoulas brought their MRT’s home in 7th […]

OLFSL Round 4 Qualification Results

Qualification period is just over. HRteam will be represented at this event by six dirvers. B.Chalaris managed to take the 2nd position with just +00.07 difference from the top and overall time 0:49.55. Two more of our drivers will start at Pool 1 of the Sunday race, V.Kazantzas from 6th, with overall time 0:49.77 and […]