Racing Report – Season 2, 2020, Week 10

This weekend our academy team visited Silverstone, the famous Βritish circuit, in order to compete in the 6h races for the Endurance Le Mans Series. The car of choice was the Porsche 991 RSR in the GTE category.

In the morning race of Saturday, a decent qualifying found the team at the 11th place on the grid. A good start allowed to fight for p7 to p9 for a total of 3 hours straight. Unfortunately, an ambitious move on our side, along with a net-code contact with our opponent cost us 3 minutes of repairs, because of a broken steering axle. We finished the race 18th, however, a better result was definitely achievable.

In the night race, another decent qualifying in the 11th. However, the race-start was hard, accompanied by a mistake, which cost us some damage and dropped as in the 25th place. A persistent counter-attack throughout the race, in combination with some mistakes by our rivals, found our team at the 2nd place after the chequered flag.

In the Sunday race, the team achieved an almost flawless win, after starting from 3rd, managing to lap the whole field and controlling the race from very early in the race.

To sum up, a great result for our academy drivers, John Houdeloudis and Petros Themelis, who with the guidance of Andy Perrs showed a lot of improvement through the week and promise for the future.