Race Report – Season 2 Week 5 & 6

Beloved Glen. The beautiful, naively drawn, seemingly easy but essentially technical enough track with traps that hide tenths of a second, capable to condemn you or bring you to prominence, caught our interest during the 5th week of the season.

Most of us got the hang of the track right away, since we had already turned many laps in different cars in the past, but also the new blood of the team acclimatized really well, which resulted into moments of joy and many podium finishes, either individually or collectively. The 1-2-3 to the finish line was the crowning achievement of this effort.

Unfortunately, that week wasn’t included in the endurance schedule, although the following week rewarded us.

Sebring International Raceway. The American Le Mans. Glorious track of which the history you can read here. As usual, the whole week was used as training and adaptation to the traffic conditions we would face in the 3 6-hour races of the weekend.

On Saturday morning, Nick Koudourakis driving for Hellenic Racing Silver achieved the 3rd place during the qualifying procedure. A good start and holding the 1st place for a big part of the race. Despite the time-loss because of the traffic and some minor incidents, which led to some damage and affected the pace of the car, our effort remained noteworthy. The excessive effort, especially in the closing hour, rewarded us with a 2nd place finish right on the bumper of the winning car, since we managed to get in contention of the win in the final laps of the race.

Despite being utterly successful, the near victory “haunted” us. At the night race, we participated with two teams. Hellenic Racing Blue in the first poll with Kiosoglou NestorasHoudeloudis Dimitrios and Hellenic Racing Silver in the second pool with Andy PerrsNick Koudourakis. In a déjà vu situation, both teams started 2nd on the grid.

In the end, both teams endured the pressure and proved that they are in good shape by scoring emphatic wins against the competition. Congratulations to both teams.

On the Sunday evening race, we only competed with Hellenic Racing Silver with the usual suspects Andy and Nick behind the wheel. Starting from the 6th on the grid and… things didn’t pan out in a favorable fashion. Quickly we dropped dead-last in a very low-level pool. For the biggest part of the opening hour, we were trapped behind combinations of cars unable to defend their position, even deploying blocking maneuvers which put in danger both themselves and others. Patiently enough, around two hours before the chequered flag the 2nd place finish seemed more than feasible. However, a risky strategic move on our part didn’t work as anticipated, putting an end to our expectations for a good result and finally finishing in 6th.

After the conclusion of this week, Hellenic Racing Blue and Silver find themselves in 1st and 3rd place in the championship standings respectively.

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