Nick Koudourakis


Nick Koudourakis

Nickname: NickKdr

Hometown: Athens

Location: Sweden

Wheel: Thrustmaster T500RS

Pedals: Custom Hydraulic

Rig/Seat: Carbon Bucket

Fav iracing Car: McLaren MP4/12C GT3

Trying to go back for a recap of my sim racing carrer I always find myself arround cars, virtual or not, as well as racing games on gaming consoles and computer. Started my “carreer”, king of, as many kids of my generation with Need for Speed Underground. After that a really long passing through Colin McRae series started and that was the point that I was sold to racing games. Long story short my next worth mentioning stop and what basically initialised my sim racing carrer was Live for Speed back in 2005. Offline races againist AI where soon not enough for my needs and for the online potential the software had to offer. Within this spirit it wasn’t hard for me to find and join the only virtual Greek team at that time, arround 2006. I ride along that team for about 3 years and as the time I was spending racing was more and more every day, automatically emerged the need for something more “hardcore”. So on August 29th 2009 some of my teammates and I decided to found Hellenic Racing team. A team oriented to endurance races and GT3 cars. It felt natural, after a few years to move to iRacing software. All together in good and bad momments we are trying to accomplish the best result we can in every race with clean driving and respect to other teams/drivers. I am really honored to still be a member of this team, trying my best to enhance team effort. See you all on track!