Christos Panoulas


Christos Panoulas

Nickname: Metalass


Location: Munich, Germany

Wheel: Thrustmaster T500RS

Pedals: Fanatec Club Sport


Fav iracing Car: HPD ARX-01c

I started sim racing when I bought first wheel around ’99 which was a MS Sidewinder Wheel with no FFB, my “sim” back then was Racing Simulation 2. I have tried countless racing sims over the years, which are of little significance by Iracings standards (Toca 2, GP3, Netkar Pro, Nascar 2003, GP Legends and a lot more) most of them only offline, since I had no internet. When i finally got an internet connection i started casually racing online in LFS in ’04, only to stop simracing for some MMO’s and FPS with good old offline buddies.
I came back to LFS around ’07 and discovered an online community of the coolest greek motorsport enthusiasts i have ever met, forcing me to quit all other games and buy some decent sim racing gear. We later formed our LFS Team, the Hellenic Racing Team. Sadly LFS had already begun its decline. I resisted iRacing for a very long time scared by it’s pricing, up until November 2012 when I found out how good it actually is. So here I am today, together with my teammates on iRacing, hoping for a good race with all you boys and girls.