OLFSL Round 5 Qualifing layout

It has been brought to our attention that some racers have cut the first two corners during their qualifying lap. Actions have now been taken to prevent this in the form of layout for qualifying. It should be clear to all that our rules do not allow cutting corners, not even on rallycross tracks. Laps […]

Concentration & stability gave B.Chalaris P1 at South City

Very satisfying results for the Hellenic Racing Team in Round 4 of the OLFSL. Reigning champion B. Chalaris, returned to victories in Pool-1 after a very tight battle, having started in second position. With this result B.Chalaris is in forth place in driver’s championship. V. Kazantzas and C. Panoulas brought their MRT’s home in 7th […]

OLFSL Round 4 Qualification Results

Qualification period is just over. HRteam will be represented at this event by six dirvers. B.Chalaris managed to take the 2nd position with just +00.07 difference from the top and overall time 0:49.55. Two more of our drivers will start at Pool 1 of the Sunday race, V.Kazantzas from 6th, with overall time 0:49.77 and […]

OLFSL Champions 2010

The Results are final. The engines are shut down. No more calculating points, counting, watching or waiting. It hasn’t even been a year since the Hellenic Racing Team was formed, yet today we have gained our first two major victories in the world of LFS racing. The efforts of each and every person involved allowed […]