Name Giannis Chourdakis
DOB 25/11/1990
iRacer Since 2016
Fav track Silverstone
Fav car Ferrari 488 GT3
Rig configuration Logitech G27

I watched my first f1 race when I was 7 years old and the very next day, motorsport was a passion.

I have played many "racing" pc games like Need for Speed and most of the Codemasters F1 games, but I joined the sim racing world about 2 years ago (2015) when I bought my first FFB steering wheel (Logitech G27).

I tried games like Project Cars, Asseto Corsa and R3E. Although they were good enough, they didn't provide the multiplayer experience I was looking for.

Then I discovered iRacing and since then that's been the only racing simulator in my life.

I mostly drive GT3 and GTE cars, but I enjoy other categories as well. I hope I can help HR get some good results in the corresponding endurance leagues in the future. See you on track!