Hellenic Racing joins forces with Dynamic Sim Racing

Competing in the highest level of simracing means growing and evolving not only in driving ability but also in partnerships. In that spirit we are proud to announce a new sponsoring agreement with Dynamic Sim Racing, a newly founded company that makes top-notch quality custom sim gear.

13230249_518358358351286_1228541483607511528_nDynamic Sim Racing was established this year by two DIY enthusiasts and sim racers, Ben Darley and George Alamaras. What started as a hobby turned out to be something that sim racing community is looking for. High quality sim gear!

Dynamic Sim Racing has already some parts in production and also produces many custom solutions for the first lucky part owners. There are also many new parts in R&D that will surely attract the attention of the community, that is not too big but is committed in making the best possible in immersion and gear.


We are sure we will enjoy our partnership with DSR and their excellent products.

Here are some pictures from their work:

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13524547_535920143261774_1619967407868932830_n 13335823_526088810911574_493381433882272491_n

13901497_551501358370319_1472790079225924780_n 13418895_527248997462222_8844292516689684398_n

13879449_547928092060979_2230565352299921958_n  14102135_10154537802868324_2909077395901154553_n

Dynamic SimRacing – www.dynamicsimracing.com

Email – sales@dynamicsimracing

Facebook – Dynamic Sim Racing

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQaLqV7t4Jp-sogODZhOJg

Twitter – www.twitter.com/DSR_SIM_RACING

Instagram – instagram.com/dynamicsimracing


You can here an interview of Ben and George in IRace – ANZ Chat Show