Race Report – Season 1 Week 8

«….. Πρόσεχε μπαίνεις στο κλειστό κατηφορικό και πριν τη τελευταία αριστερή έχει γυρισμένο κάθετα πέρνα από δεξιά ….»  μισό λεπτό … αυτό είναι από προπόνηση στο «Βουνό» αλλά … είναι την άλλη βδομάδα…!!!

Full practice mode for the team this week and, although the upcoming demanding race at Bathurst consumed a lot of driving hours, we needed to prepare for a different racing weekend. On one hand, the GT Endurance Pro Qualifier was calling us to race at the demanding Motegi circuit and on the other hand, a trip to Brazil and the Circuit of Interlagos for SCO Endurance was imminent and potentially very exciting.

Saturday morning at Interlagos with double participation for us. Hellenic Racing, qualified at P4 of pool 1, was battling for a place in the first 10 places for most of the race. Unfortunately, they made a lot of incidents and, to top it all up, a very aggressive move from another car forced them to go above the limit of 25 incidents resulting in an automatic DQ.

Hellenic Racing Silver on the other hand, starting from P16 of pool 2 managed to finish at P13 after a nerve-racking race.

On Saturday's night race, Hellenic Racing starting from 17th position, managed the race correctly, resulting in an 11th position finish. In pool 2, Hellenic Racing drivers, driving for Simcore Racing started from the 4th place on the grid. Facing a few technical difficulties and a dive-bomb from another driver resulting in 11 minutes of repairs in pits, they were happy enough to finish the race at the 35th place.

Sunday was the busiest day of all. The team was split into three cars and two different leagues. For GT Endurance Pro Qualifier, Hellenic Racing managed a well-deserved 8th place, after starting from 11th. In the same pool, Hellenic Racing Silver saw the green lights from the very back of the grid (P37). Once again, some technical problems led to a very disappointing P28 at the chequered flag in a race that didn't go well from the beginning. SCO endurance and Interlagos circuit was our last stop for the weekend. Starting from 3rd we were very competitive for the first couple of hours of the race battling for the highest step on the podium. A few laps before our second pit though, while being first in our class, a lag contact with an HPD, that we couldn't do anything about, triggered a domino effect and the marshals exhausted the limits of their rigor, as we strongly believe, penalizing us with a harsh 30 seconds Stop & Hold penalty and irreversibly destroying our effort for a good result. All we can take out of this race is the outstanding driver's performance & pace. We hope for the best to come.

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